Teoh Wei Loon

The youngest of our profiled talents is 22-year-old Chef Wei Loon at ibis Singapore Novena’s Oopen. Having emigrated from Northern Malaysia only two years ago, Wei Loon had absolutely no experience in the kitchen but the belief of the kitchen staff at ibis has allowed him to broaden his knowledge, his specialty being a mouthwatering mie goreng. Wei Loon’s favorite food he misses from his hometown is lok lok, where a street vendor cooks up sizzling hot pieces of meat and vegetables under the bonnet of his car. Like street vendors, the Oopen restaurant is an open concept. The chefs are able to converse with guests who watch their meals being prepared. Wei Loon says, “I was nervous to begin with, cooking in front of lots of people, but now I love it.” Chef Wei Loon’s keys to starting out in the culinary world are: patience, passion and persistence. Wei Loon represents the forward-thinking, trendy style of ibis in his ability to gain new skills, and perfect culinary techniques after only one year’s experience in the kitchen.