Sram Kumar Sakthirajan

SO Sofitel Singapore’s Restaurant Pro, Sram Kumar Sakthirajan, is suitably fashionable for the boutique hotel’s restaurant, Xperience. Sram’s team aims to make all guests feel at home, delivering the highest level of service for every guest. His experience in the hospitality industry has allowed him to flourish as a manager. His career path has wound round various bends, constantly looking for another challenge to conquer. Ultimately, Sram would love for his parents to visit the restaurant from Malaysia. He would appreciate the chance to show his parents how far he has come in his career and how professional their son can be. Sram says, “I feel very proud to be part of the Accor Food & Wine Festival. Really, this is a team effort. We wouldn’t be able to produce good service without the commitment from everyone in the restaurant.” Sram’s dedication to providing excellent guest ‘Xperience’ alongside the beautifully unique setting provides for a brilliant dining encounter in the city.