A local favourite: Seafood Treasure Fried Rice

To enjoy a sea of wonderful flavours, try the Seafood Treasure Fried Rice at Chat & Chow Casual Dining Restaurant, ibis Styles Singapore on Macpherson . This local favourite is an easy dish to make and an even more palatable dish you’ll enjoy. Recipe below:

Step 1: Put 80gm of Sambal, tomato ketchup in a small pot with 1 cup of water and all seafood items. Simmer until the seafood is cooked.

Step 2: In a hot wok, put a little bit of oil. Suate the garlic and toss the rice, remaining sambal paste and XO sauce.

Step 3: Get a large plate and proceed with plating. See below for presentation style.

And voila, Seafood Treasure Fried Rice is ready to be served! Bon Appétit!

All of the ingredients that go into Sea Treasure Fried Rice are illustrated in this infographic