Racquel-Loke Alcantara

Beverage Manager and ambassador of Swissotel Merchant Court’s Vitality program, Raquel-Loke Alcantara, has managed to design deliciously guilt-free cocktails. The initiative aims to provide a healthier way of living for both guests and colleagues by using non-processed ingredients. Raquel has gone above and beyond this by making syrups from scratch, such as her own cola made from a variety of spices, water and sugar, a mix that is frequently used in their Long Island Ice Tea. Although Raquel has been promoted seven times in her career with Swissotel Hotels, her greatest achievement is making her mum proud. She says, “Winning awards and providing the best possible customer service is all part of the job. I know I’ve done well when my mum is pleased with how far I’ve come.” Raquel knows that without her great team and close group of co-workers, she wouldn’t have excelled in mixology. Raquel’s spicy personality and commitment to fresh, seasonal produce has allowed her to successfully integrate healthy balanced living into Swissotel The Stamford and Swissotel Merchant Court.