Lok Jun Wah

Chef at the Ellenborough Market Café, Lok Jun Wah, has slowly but surely managed to perfect every element in Asian cuisine. Having grown up in West Malaysia, he immigrated to Singapore thirteen years ago in order to continue his culinary training at Swissotel Merchant Court. His specialty, Peranakan cuisine, is a local style of cooking that combines both Malay and Chinese cooking. Throughout Lok’s career, Swissotel has taken him overseas to Japan, Moscow and Cambodia in order to showcase this niche cuisine, typical of Singaporean flavors. Although Lok is unable to return home for Chinese New Year, he says, “When people personally say thank you for providing food for their family gathering, it makes me very proud.” Poon Choi is Chef Lok’s specialty. Made up of eight different seafood dishes, it represents the Chinese lucky number, 8. Chef Lok has worked tremendously hard, perfecting the most traditional techniques in Asian dining to offer guests a typical home cooking style of Asian flavors.