Li Man Sai

Chef Li Man Sai eat, sleeps and breathes baking. Waking before dawn, she bakes dozens of bread and pastries for breakfast at Mercure’s Royale Restaurant. As her day progresses, Man works away in the kitchen baking beautifully colorful cupcakes, macaroons, pastries and deserts often creating show-stopping cakes for special occasions in between her usual routine. “Color has to be my favorite ‘ingredient’ to use,” she said. “By adding natural flavorings, often a subtly delicate hue of color will seep out adding an unusual element to the decoration.” Man’s signature cake is a luxurious chocolate lava cake. She uses a velvety French chocolate which oozes out the center when sliced into. Managing various teams at some of the top hotels, Man has cooked at an event for former US President, George W. Bush. Man’s 19 years of experience in the industry is prevalent throughout her baking, producing stunningly decorative cakes and pastries for Mercure’s guests.