Bannie Kang

Head Craftsman at Anti:dote, Bannie Kang describes herself as the Singapore Sling: pretty and pink with a whole lot of oomph hidden behind the cute aesthetics. Bannie’s extensive list of achievements currently rank her as Champion of the 2016 Bacardi Legacy Global Competition; and Asia’s Best Female Bartender for three consecutive years from 2013 to 2015. Though fantastically accomplished, her winning cocktail harks back to her upbringing in South Korea. Kwa Chae, named after Bannie’s grandmother, encapsulates the essence of her childhood in South Korea: a refreshing concoction of watermelon, sprite and strawberry flavored milk. The mix was adapted to create Bannie’s now signature cocktail to form a cool watermelon drink topped up with rum, beer and citrus flavors. Bannie’s commitment to fresh ingredients is maintained by her dedication to the Fairmont’s fresh herb garden. Using her inspiration from traditional Korean dishes alongside her impressive training and achievements, Bannie strives to provide a truly unique cocktail experience at the Fairmont Stamford’s Anti:dote.